Formulary Success - Collaboration and Innovation
2010-11 marked an exciting collaboration between Visions4Health™ and a leading pharmaceutical company's brand and sales team. The challenge was to drive successful formulary applications to support a new product launch. Initial insight from key NHS and the company's stakeholders on experience of current formulary applications was critical in understanding the challenges and opportunities, allowing the formulary challenge to be addressed differently.

What became clear was the need for both the marketing and field teams to develop a deeper understanding of their local accounts and key stakeholders to engage in the formulary process in a very different way. To support this and to ensure sales teams made a positive impact on formulary success, an innovative process supported by step-based tool was co-developed by Visions4Health and the pharmaceutical company. This process and supporting tool has made a significant impact on the pharmaceutical company's UK business and has been rolled out to successfully to support all new UK brand launches.

Strategic Consulting (Customer centric change management programme)
A top 5 pharmaceutical company identified that in order to truly embrace market access, customer understanding and a customer-centred way of working has to touch all functions of their organisation. Visions4health™ were commissioned to support a year long project to support this need.

Visions4health™ conducted an extensive needs assessment to scope the scale of the organisational change required which led to numerous activities during the course of the year including:

  • A company wide customer knowledge gap analysis was then conducted to understand the extent of training required.
  • Customer training meetings and development of supporting materials.
  • Appropriate customer centric competency skills were developed matched to role type.

The company has embraced customer centricity and a number of their activities reflect this, including a vision for their organisation and dedicated resources to continue with the implementation of the customer-centric change management programme.

Insight Training and Development
Following the consolidation of the Commercial Business Unit at a top 5 pharmaceutical company, a clear requirement to complete a wide ranging commercial environment review was identified. Customer Insight Training to support the Review was a critical part in evaluating the implications.

Visions4health™ worked in conjunction with key stakeholders within the business unit to scope real requirements and map against commercial objectives. Visions4health™ then developed a pragmatic research framework and consulted our wide ranging NHS and supplier stakeholder network in order to capture and build an in depth commercial environment review consolidating a wealth of insight and business critical information into one source. A bespoke training event to examine the key commercial drivers and implications highlighted in the report was delivered to all internal stakeholders.

Over 95% of delegates strongly agreed that the speaker presentations were useful and directly relevant to their role. Over 90% of delegates strongly agreed that as a result of the training they felt more knowledgeable about the topics covered and that they would be able to apply some of the day's learnings in their day to day job with customers.

Implications for the organisation were examined with resulting strategic and tactical next steps agreed making a positive commercial impact.

Customer Centric Sales and Marketing Conference
A top 3 pharmaceutical company identified the need to get closer to NHS stakeholders.
Visions4health™ were asked to lead the design and content of the customer workshops in order to ensure that delegates developed customer centric account management plans as an output from the event.

Visions4health™ conducted a full analysis of the clients' business units in order to identify the then current healthcare themes relevant to client business. Visions4health™ designed the interactive workshops and recruited and briefed the NHS customer needed to lead each workshop session. The insight development throughout the conference event was tailored to all learning styles and supplemented by a cross section of key NHS stakeholders interacting with delegates throughout the day using our innovative Networks4health™ platform.

The account management teams were able to interact with real stakeholders throughout the day's exercise and generate sound insight and implication for their account management plans. The improvement in account plans and focus has culminated in sales teams positively impacting and meeting commercial opportunities in a very challenging environment.

The event was rated one of the best conferences by delegates with 95% of users rating Networks4health™ as very good or excellent compared to other types of insight development learning.

Feedback from NHS customers who supported the event was extremely positive too, with a number for customer expressing respect for the commitment of the Pharma Company's commitment to really understanding their NHS customers.

Materials Development
A client identified the need to create a process to enable field account teams to have a structured approach to market access activities. Visions4health™ were asked to design and develop materials to support this.

We sought to understand the critical challenges faced by the sales teams, the tools currently available to support activity, and the experience that existed in the organisation.
Building on this solid insight we designed and delivered an interactive user friendly tool for the field teams.

The tool was a piloted in one business unit in the organisation and has proved to be successful. Consequently the tool has been rolled out across all business units.

Insights4health™ (Telephone research and Advisory board)
Understanding the commissioning pathway and the service development considerations for a new therapy was a key part of the jigsaw for a top 5 Pharma company. Visions4health™ were invited to identify, develop and conduct research and implications work with key NHS stakeholders on both the commissioning and provider side.

In depth interviews were conducted examining opportunities, threats, levers and barriers with key stakeholders. An insights and implications report coupled with a full internal stakeholder strategy day was produced for the client which provided sound strategic and tactical direction, with pragmatic next steps for sales and marketing teams.

Social Marketing: Teenage Pregnancy Project
In an area in England that consistently had higher than national and regional average teenage pregnancy rates, a needs analysis was conducted by the NHS and Council which identified a target group of girls aged 16-17 years of age that have a higher rate of teenage pregnancy compared to other age range. Although this target group was identified, there were limited insights into this group and their attitudes, beliefs, and drivers to influencing sexual behaviour.

Visions4health™ were commissioned to conduct insight work and a scoping report based on qualitative research. The aim was to gain knowledge and further understanding of teenage sexual health and pregnancy specifically within the local area which could be used to inform NHS and Council support services to better meet the needs of teenagers living there. Demographic, social, behavioural and psychological factors were all examined.

The project had two phases, firstly a qualitative approach was adopted which included in-depth interviews and focus groups with the target group (22 participants) as well as Health Professionals (10 participants). We wanted to really understand teenager's perceptions as well as Health Professionals points of view. Secondly a quantitative approach was implemented (39 participants) which was aimed at girls aged 16-19 to quantify some of the main findings that were uncovered from phase one.

Overall some clear segmentation and unique local insights emerged. Factors around self esteem, local norms, perceived pressure, and aspirations that were specific to the teenagers in the target group were uncovered. Visions4health™ presented the findings of the report at the local NHS and Council Sexual Health Conference. Following this we worked closely with stakeholders and held a workshop for Health Professionals whereby the findings were discussed and used to take forward some of the achievable recommendations to enhance safer sexual practice.

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