Congratulations Helen!

by | Sep 28, 2023

Visions4Health is proud and excited to share that our very own Helen Keddie received her Executive Coaching Practitioner Diploma from the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC). After many years of supporting others, she wanted to invest in research, theories, skills and qualifications to support her own experience. For Helen, this was so much more than a course in coaching – it took her on a personal journey – and here  Helen shares some insight into the experience:

Why did you undertake the Executive Coaching Practitioner Diploma?

During my own Corporate career, I have supported many colleagues.  I have been told that I have a gift that helps others grow and develop.  So, I wanted to explore this more deeply and put research, theories, skills and a professional qualification behind my experience to date.  I thought it would be easy, but I soon found out that coaching is so much more than mentoring and the course and overall learning experience went way beyond my expectations.

How has it benefitted you (in terms of skills development) and, in turn, what can you offer others?

The AoEC Practitioner Diploma is so much more than a course in coaching.  The programme actually takes you as an individual on a personal journey over 6+ months, so you have plenty of time to practice, reflect and learn more about yourself and how that in turn can make you better coach and be in a better position to help others grow and develop.  Completing the AoEC Diploma has given me two new things 1) the inner confidence that I am on the right professional path (I absolutely LOVE coaching) and 2) more skills and tools to coach with.

What’s the one ‘golden nugget’ you can’t wait to share with others?

Trust in yourself as YOU have the answers.  Coaching will support you and through thought-provoking questions &/or using creative processes it will allow YOU to work through issues, options and possible solutions for yourself.  With the help of a coach, you can and you will find your own path forward.


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